Monday, September 19, 2011



Too many exits
unplanned unresolved,
no answers,
no cure
to the anguish involved,
the pathways
still waiting to know
the boundaries
and thorns of
the ways that we go,
and all of the pieces,
the patches
and lace,
the guessing,
the quaking,
the hoping for grace,
the magic,
it fell in
the angles of night,
the veils
and the blight,
so seeping about
in the ripples of mirrors,
a thousand
deep oceans
we made of our tears,
and whispers will
reveal to this pain,
or flow in the alleys
and hours they stain,
no ribbons
no trophies
rewarding our cries,
just shadows
and dreams
caught in
translucent lies,
the aching
too heavy,
the questions
too deep,
they poison
the sun
and they stipple
our sleep,
all satin
and greening,
they tempt ever on,
we lay them,
their stoning,
where wishes have gone.
JMS ~ 5/12/2011

* * *
I am aware that this may be a repeat of this image here, but it melds with my day and pulls at me to consider it a bit more.  I see flags and birds in it.   Fall has begun poking at us, pushing into the summer we have yet to get here in MN.  Is it (Fall) mocking us?  

This vivid and speckled, with delicate mystery, image seems a metaphor of things of late.  Lots of things, issues and vivid stuff flitting about and into the ionosphere of daily winds. For some reason I have yet to figure out, it has beckoned at me for several days now. It makes me want to just hold still and meditate, feel its power and message, whatever that is. It feels so good, so robust and lively, yet elusively mystical and provocative. 'Nuff said.

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  1. I think Fall is mocking us here in MI! That is certain! But then Summer comes back with a vengeance and I think, will Fall ever come?

    Anyway, thank you for stopping by Natural and Free earlier and giving me that info! I updated the page now to reflect it. :)

    Your poem definitely made me think, too. Sounds like a lot of deep thinking is being done and a lot of heavy. Sometimes it seems like the world is all bleak and it overwhelms...but then the sun comes out again. It is my hope that I see a "sun poking out" work soon. :)