Saturday, December 19, 2009

Boom Boom Malle ~ In Loving Memory -11/19/09 ~ (12/19/09)

I am sad to report the loss of Boo on 11/19/09.  He was very old, in his 90's in dogger years, and he will be missed deeply.  He was sweet and full of smiles and fun, once grabbing my hand and pulling it and the plate of chocolate cake I was holding over to his mouth.  He loved chocolate and popcorn, fried chicken and liver and onions.   I would fry up a pound of liver for him on occasion and he was thrilled.  He loved every other creature - - human and animal - - that he came into contact with.  He was a wonderful friend, my baby, and my companion.  He was ill for a long time and my hopes of him getting better did not come to fruition. He was so full of life, even as he was declining.  Such a sweetie.   

JMS ~ 2009

* * * * *
Heavy this, a muddied bliss,
the tables bow in pain,
and in that place, no kindness, grace,
just a long and bleary stain
settled from some anguished grain.
JMS 12/5/09

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