Monday, October 19, 2009

10.19.09 ~ An EXCITING New Site!

I have found a wonderfully fun new site. It is a site in Louisiana dedicated to gluten free Cajun, etc., and it seems to be loaded with all manner of fun options. I hope you will take a look at it. Having multiple food allergies, I was getting bored with the routine sites and their compromising on recipes. I also wanted some exciting new recipes to take a look at. I was thrilled when I wandered into this site via a google link with my emails. Treat yourself to this new site:

N.O. Gluten Warrior ~ "Living Gluten Free with a New Orleans Outlook."
GF recipes, restaurant guide, info, product reviews, GF store, & forum.

Please check out the link.  Great site!

CMpart203 A-Fr-Sg


  1. Hey Joy! Thanks for all the kind words. I appreciate your support and you have a pretty cool site here too. Course I just killed the links page, but I might put it back up but switch it with the contact us button. Then I can return the favor and link you as well. Laura

  2. Hey Thanks Laura. I hope you get lots of hits on your most unique and exciting page! Best of luck.