Monday, August 24, 2009

8.24.09 ~ Poor Henry

Poor Henry
* * *
What Henry 'et,
he won't forget,
it made his belly hurt,
but Henry, he
was said to be
just playing in the dirt,
his cheeks were gray,
but this, they say
was from the muddy cake
his sister made,
while Henry played,
and she made him a cake,
she told him it
was just a bit
of cinder, earth and green
and Henry thought
for sure he got
just all that he had seen,
but she was wise,
and to surprise
poor Henry in his gift,
she thought if she
could add some glee
then Henry'd get a lift,
so in she placed
so gently laced
some ants, and spiders too
it made some bumps,
some crunchy lumps
some texture in the goo,
and as they set
poor Henry 'et
her cake so tender, when,
and then he knew
his insides too
they crawled about in him,
so to the doc
poor Henry walked
this effort to atone,
his sister hid
for what she did,
poor Henry went alone.
and as he cried
and as he tried
to tell the tale there,
his words, they crawled
and Henry bawled,
about the whole affair;
but Henry now,
his sister, how,
they both remember this,
that awful cake
that she would make
that ended daytime bliss.
and when they play
about the day
she makes him "salad things"
in kitchens where
their mom is there
to check the seasonings.
2009 ~ JM Shephard ~ JOY in the arts!

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