Sunday, July 12, 2009

7.12.09 ~ For Goran ~ CM041405-2n-CMpart~Fr-Sg.jpg

For Goran

* * * * *

Sleep gone,
this night, oppressive,
smears the chance to rest,
it's been too long,
the soft and comfort
gone, too long, gone,
the prairies and the breeze,
the easy trees,
the dreams and fortunes,
cast into the mix of all,
this magic seeped
somewhere away from me,
it used to be
so ready at the there
so easy in the air,
but long, so long,
it let it's go of me,
left me in this
greying void,
these granite walls,
chips and cinders,
they itch and scratch.
abrade my mind,
bruise the deepest
valleys of my weary soul,
stain their awful pain
upon my heart,
damn tattoo!
engraved into the mists,
the shadows and echoes
of what could be -
of what might have been.
and I am still here,
still aching
for someone to love me,
someone to transport me,
to let me transport them,
but my life, as it is,
as it never was,
is long over and
soon approaching that lake,
that deep, dark lake,
that we all seep into
as we are forgotten,
and finally shamed into it.
2009 JM Shephard ~ JOY in the arts!

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