Thursday, July 2, 2009

7.02.09 ~ CMpart248-Sg~W a.jpg; CMpart231-Sg~W a.jpg

* * *

Here into this staring night
hours, eagles, taking flight,
crossing moonbeams in the trail,
racing through each lofting veil,
hearts and wings, they beat a tone,
soaring over ray and stone,
to the magic seeping there,
on into the thickened air,
poetry and rhythms live
in the spaces that they give,
while wondrous eyes will capture and
work to paste them to the land,
in memory and childish play,
all the stories find a way,
echoing the eons shifts,
fluffing into patient drifts,
the history, it has to be
retold, retold, quite patiently,
impressing to an aural book
the pages that the ages took,
imprinted to the magic gates,
to settle where each pathway waits,
to score and etch in every place
the tales and wishes of each grace.
2009 JM Shephard ~ JOY in the arts!

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