Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Gentle nibble, kiss, caress,
stroking warm upon my breast -
touching tender, tenderly
speaking love and melody -
tracing fingers softly skim
upon my thigh to pleasure him,
then lightly press in urgency
to know, explore inside of me,
as lips and mouth in whisper sweep
across my brow and to my cheek -
to touching tender, tenderly,
of fluid dance enticingly -
then rock me near to ease the span
and know the closeness of this man
so lean and muscled holding me;
I reach to stroke him lovingly
and trace my learning to his hips,
come back to share sweet tongue and lips
that play at tasting, knowing me
in strong and tactile harmony -
demanding in a growing press,
we gather close in kiss, caress
to share the wonder we are born
and learn the patterns we may form,
then quiver, tremble as we wait,
on whispered breath anticipate
this joining ease of which we share
among the auras resting there,
as mind and body gentle, free,
in rhymed and rythmed poetry.

© 1983 JM Shephard ~ JOY in the arts!

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