Friday, June 5, 2009

Beginnings ~ CW083105-b-5-g-4-CWPart__Fr-Sg.jpg

I am in a bit of a mood. It's Friday and, although
I suffer from "Monday Disease," I have also now
begun to suffer from "Friday Disease." I am tired,
clumsy, irritable, and forgetful. My computer is
also suffering - - likely by some form of osmosis
via the keyboard. It likely didn't help for me to
tell it what I thought of it just then and what I
wanted to do to it, nor the bops to the side of
the monitor, like a smack on the head.

I am new to this whole concept and am only
writing this to try to get to my original page
and format as I learn my way about this.

My poor dogger thinks I was mad at him,
as I cursed out this machine,
but we have made up (I hope).
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