Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Looking for love,
my mother sinned,
to the times,
again and again,
creeping men
took her aside,
told her stories,
how they lied,
and in the era
of the time,
her need of love,
her quest for rhyme -
gentle child,
lonely soul,
couldn't fight
her poor heart's pull,
their sneaky lull,
so she lived
a life of grace,
filling up
that lonely place,
and making it all
a better space -
looking for love,
lonely child,
they used her heart,
judged her "defiled,"
lovely child,so beguiled,
no mama, no daddy
to keep her styled,
dutiful child,
she served them well,
as they surfed
their crazy hell. . .
JMS ~ © 2009
{In loving memory of my most beautiful mother.}

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