Friday, June 5, 2009

6.5.09 ~ MidNiR09-CCtopasteDewdrop.jpg

I live within the echoes,
the essence of their hue,
I navigate each layer
and do what I must do,
the sands, they sprinkle lonely,
the shadows how they bruise,
for all my efforts pushing,
seems nothing there to choose,
I cry against the pebbles,
they ache against my mind,
my heart is just too shabby
for what my life would find,
the nights, they bring such wounding,
and shroud me in their veils,
the pain, is just too hurting,
yet silently assails,
I wake in stunning wonder,
too heavy in the time,
surprised to know I linger,
some shabby, ancient rhyme,
I wish, oh wish I mattered,
had healing I could take,
to get me to some level,
quite well beyond this lake,
I find it just too weary,
too anguishing, this place,
I wish, oh wish I mattered
enough to garner grace.
JMS ~ © 2009

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