Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brother Dino ~ 6.25.09 ~ CMpart365-Fr-Sg.jpg

Brother (Dino)
Did the sunshine take a rest
knowing you were at the crest,
did the robins stop their song,
knowing you would be along,
and the flowers stunt and stay
abed for yet another day?
Soon we'd lose you, did they know,
graying at the slightest show
(we will miss you, miss you so - )
time too short, I wanted more,
now that you were here, ashore,
from your posts and sailing trails,
from the times, the space and veils,
such a vital force are you,
deepest shades and brightest hue,
how we loved you, golden one,
gone and off, now, to the Sun.
JMS ~ 3/28/09

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