Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Tender root
but pulls the weed
against the nature
that they seed,
then toss the wish -
a lazing hill
yet meets the ground
they melt and fill -
to evolution's
sake they grow,
beyond the rain,
the frost and snow,
into the spring,
becoming dreams,
and tempered means
that reach, surpass
the steps they know
to universal

© 1984 JM Shephard ~ JOY in the arts!


On the birth that I knew,
in the echoes I grew,
brought my soul to a seeking despair -
where a hunger but cried
of the dreams it denied
in the childish push to repair -
There wasn't a mother,
a father, a brother
to answer the questions I sought,
so I conjured them there
full of loving and care,
to ward off all the sorrow I fought -
I knocked and implored
at a make-believe door,
and examined the whiteness I felt -
as I lingered in step
and an aching breeze swept,
wiping out all the pain it had dealt -
On the sounds in my head,
there came whispered my dread,
fearing what I had wanted so much -
peering out from the cage,
past the agonized rage,
lay the subtle emergence of such -
Now the reasoning’s fight
long and far into night,
as the questions but circle again -
stealing deep to my reach
for the knowledge they teach,
in my need to find out who I am -
So, I looked to a glass
for the stories it cast,
learned the faces of turning aside -
catatonic in touch,
these assemblies of such,
used in numbing the hurts I had lied -
and, I closed up my mind
to the fear I would find
in the secrets I'd hidden from view -
yet, they forced coming near,
the awareness’s clear,
some familiar, a little bit new -
I returned on the chance
of the mirrors true glance,
the reflections don't show what I ask -
so, I shattered the mold
from the haziness told,
broke the capturing out of the glass -
In the darkness of sight
there came whispered my plight,
scans my gaze to the world around -
definitions hold wait
to the needs they'll relate,
cautious wonder of learning I've found -
And I listen myself,
the uncertainties felt,
but suspended to faceted chain -
sorting reason and rhyme
with the facts in my mind,
form acceptance to causes they frame -
Still the process prevailed
to the dreams I assailed,
touched the loneliness borne of the way -
and I wrote down some words
of the thoughts that I'd heard
finding out I had nothing to say -
Then I moved to the crest
of the traumas they'd pressed,
in the tattering, sorry and worn -
as the sadness they'd see
mellowed touch over me,
starts repairing the places they'd torn -
In the auras that ring,
understanding they bring,
gently settles the message to me -
and the depth of the field
to the realm it would yield
shows in quiet transition to see -
of a pondered relief,
letting go of the grief,
comes a root blended fine to the air -
learning helps letting go
of the hell it would know,
but it tells of an emptiness there -
Scattered wishes seem blown
in the wind that I've grown,
passed me by as they paid me no heed -
breaking out of this shell,
evolution will tell
the conception yet borne of its' seed -
Evolution – from Strawberry Anthology
© 1983 JM Shephard ~ JOY in the arts!

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